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Repair Services

Online remapping service

To use the online remap service you need to get a read of your ECU, and then send the data over to us via email.

Send us your ECU by post

If you're not confident with computers, you can always send us your ECU in the post so that we can remap it. This option is available for all Bosch EDC15 (2.0 and 2.2), Siemens SID801 (2.0 90), EDC16 (1.4, 1.6 HDI) and Siemens SID803 (2.0 16V 136BHP)..

Springs & Suspension

In shop remapping service

The best way to get your car tuned is to bring the car to our garage in Bristol. Once you arrive we'll run a live diagnostics test and road test the car to ensure everything is working correctly before we begin our tuning work. After preparing your remap and programming it to your vehicle we'll then complete another road test whilst recording live engine data from the ECU to ensure everything is working 100%.

Mobile remapping service

We can now offer a mobile remapping service if you just don't have the time to drive to us.

This is currently available for the 2.0 90, 2.0 110 and the 2.2 136. All modifications (such as DPF removal) must be complete before we come out to you, you should also have serviced your car and made sure there are no engine problems prior to booking.

To get a quote just email us with your address and postcode, and details of your vehicle and the remap you require. A rough estimate for fuel costs is £0.45ppm.

For other models such as the 1.4 and 1.6 we need you to bring the car to us as more tools and equipment are required as the ECU must be removed.

Services Warranty Options

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Maintenance And Repair

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