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Available here are guides on how to set up the tools and how to program your ECU. Even if you're good with computers, it's worth checking these guides over before you make a start.

Programmer tool 'How to' guide
Galletto 1260 Galletto 1260 Guide
KWP2000+ KWP2000+ Guide
BDM100 (actually 555 Pro) BDM100 instructions (555pro)



For those who want to understand a little bit more about how a remap works, we've written a document explaining the changes made in a poor quality remap. This is typically what you will get if you use any of the major companies, HDI Tuning Ltd on the other hand like to do things properly: The changes made in a poor quality remap.

EDC15C2 single plug wiring diagram - Useful if you've got a wiring problem. Only available for the single plug version currently.

How to fit a mechanical boost controller - Schematic example of how a boost controller should be set up.

How to service/clean/replace the VNT mechanism on a GT1544V turbo fitted to the 1.6 110 HDI / 1.6 110 TDCI engine. - PDF guide with photo diagrams showing how to overhaul the turbo charger.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90 or Peugeot 1.6 HDI 90 GT1544V upgrade to 145 BHP

DS3 1.6 8V HDI 90 GTD1244VZ turbo upgrade guide

207 1.6 16v 200 BHP turbo upgrade TF035

Checksum Tool

Although this isn't the fanciest checksum corrector tool in the world, it is very helpful to check if a file has become corrupted during download. If you do not get the correct number of checkzones appearing, or the checksum indicator turns red, DO NOT use the file. All files are 100% correct at the time of sending, however it doesn't hurt to double check.

You MUST ensure you check you have received a complete file before programming to your ECU, some email programs can corrupt file attachments. Instructions are shown in the video.

Download the check sum tool HERE

How to program an EDC16 ECU using BDM100 (1.4 & 1.6 HDI)

Here is a full video guide detailing the process of how to open, read, and program your EDC16 ECU. BDM100 is the most reliable way to program your EDC16, you can also use MPPS through the OBD port.

How to program a Siemens SID803 using BDM100 (2.0 16v 136 BHP)

Here is a full video guide detailing the process of how to read and write your SID803 ECU. We designed the process to be simple and not require any extra adaptors. BDM100 is the best way to program the Siemens SID803 ECU as it's the only way to get a full read of the processor and the flash memory.