Tuning Projects

At HDI Tuning LTD we're always expanding the list of engines we can tune and developing new software and tuning solutions. Have a look here to see what kind of things we get up to.

Current Projects

Citroen DS3 1.6 eHDI 8V 92 BHP - We've upgraded the turbo from the TD02 waste gate turbo to a GTD1244VZ VNT turbo. Take a read here for more information on the build: https://www.ds3club.co.uk/forum/ds3/ds3-mods/389412-ds3-1-6-ehdi-92-bhp-turbo-upgrade-mhi-td02-to-garrett-gtd1244vz-vnt-turbo

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI 90 16V - We've been working hard on the 1.6 16V engine to develop and turbo upgrade kit. The aim here was to have a turbo with good all round driveability with good low down power and also a high BHP figure. We used the BMW TF035 turbo with an electornic actuator, 3.1 bar MAP sensor, 0445110297 injectors, 63mm stianless exhaust sytem and came out at 198 BHP with 378NM. Follow the build thread here: https://www.peugeotforums.com/forums/performance-modifications-30/207-1-6-hdi-16v-turbo-injector-upgrade-200-bhp-378nm-complete-guide-278706/

Past Projects:

Citroen DS3 1.6 eHDI 92 BHP - We've decoded the EDC17 'tri core' ECU which has tuning protection. This ECU has to be programmed on the bench using specialist equipment to 'unlock' access to the memory where the software is stored. We now have DPF and EGR verwijderen available including a more complex remap which can remove the Lambda, pressure, and temperature sensors from the exhaust system.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90 Stage 3/4 Remap - We set up a Ford Fiesta with the 1.6 TDCI engine (this is the same as the 1.6 HDI engine), this one has been fitted with a larger intercooler, 3 Bar MAP sensor and a GT1749V VNT turbo. 184 BHP 344 Nm.

1.6 TDCI/HDI 90 to 110 upgrade (145 BHP) - We've learnt how to write in the GT1544V and the 110 injectors into the software of the 90 BHP model. This means you can do a simple bolt on upgrade of the turbo and the injectors turning your engine in to the 110 model. Then we can remap it to 145 BHP.

1.6 HDI 110 Stage 3 Remap - larger VNT turbo (GT2052v), larger intercooler, 3 Bar BMW MAP sensor, straight through exhaust, Kevlar clutch. This car pulled 210 BHP on the dyno without upgrading the fuel pump or injectors which shows how much potential the 1.6 16v engine has.

EDC15C2 bootloader ECU repair kit - If ECU flashing does not finish completely there is a need to repair an ECU. We've developed a kit which goes around the normal protocol through the processors 'boot strap loader' meaning we can repair any blanked ECUs.

EDC16C34 ECU cloning and repair - With the right equipment we can now make 'cloned' ECUs for your 1.6 or 1.4 HDI. This means that remapped/standard ECUs can be interchangeable.

1.6 HDI 110 Roetfilter verwijderen - With the newer more complex ECUs it's common for DPF problems still to exist after removal. HDI Tuning Ltd take pride in having one of the best DPF removal solutions with no future fault implications. Furthermore the turbo control system is completely re calibrated to ensure there are no effects on turbo life.

2.0 HDI 90 stage 1.5 Remap - Water methanol injection and increased boost pressure. 140 BHP.

2.0 HDI 90 Stage 2 Remap - Launch control, large intercooler, paddle clutch, boost controller, 1800 Bar fuel pressure sensor, R70 fuel pump.

2.0 HDI 1800 Bar fuel pressure sensor upgrade.

BMW 530D - 295 BHP, 600 Nm.

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