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At HDI Tuning Limited our mission is to deliver excellent remaps and customer satisfaction all for a reasonable price. We like to do things the proper way, and not the easy way, and this is clear from the way our remaps drive and the reliability they provide. All of our software is developed in house by the Director of our company, Steven, who has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering but more importantly a great understanding of the HDI Engines and the software programmed in to their control units.

HDI Tuning Ltd specialise in advanced ECU software programming solutions for the Peugeot and Citroen HDI engines. All remapped software is developed and written in-house through years of intelligent research and development. The remaps we produce have been tested extensively with the safety of your turbo and engine at mind. We maximise the power output of your engine whilst reducing fuel consumption and remaining within the safe limits of your engine. At HDI tuning we will not be beaten on our price, quality or customer service.

How was HDI Tuning formed?

HDI Tuning began back in the summer of 2008, when I was the proud owner of a Peugeot 306 2.0 HDI. Initially when a fault light popped up on the display of the car I was keen to diagnose the cause and work out how to fix the problem. After ordering some diagnostics equipment and fixing the fault I started to become interested in how the ECU worked to control power. Initially when looking through the software and realising just how complicated it was, I managed to find a company which could supply a remap to me by email. Great I thought, I uploaded this 'remapped' software which at the time I thought was great. I was a little concerned about the strange rattling noises it made and the big cloud of smoke coming from the back, and that's when I began to wonder if it could be done better.

Sometimes, if you want a job done properly you just have to do it yourself. I could see the results from all the major tuning companies at the time which just weren't that great. After around another year or two and having tried many different remaps, I had also spent a lot of time learning about the software and how it should be altered. It quickly became clear that the other companies just weren't doing it properly and I was certain I could do a better job of it. At this point I was now studying at the University of Leicester, and in the 3rd year of a Mechanical Engineering course. I was spending nearly all of my free time learning about tuning and become engrossed in it. At this point I managed to persuade my tutor that it would a be a good idea to make this my University project for the year. This now gave me the possibility to spend absolutely all my time learning about tuning, which is exactly what I did.

After much thought I produced my first custom remap written entirely by myself, which was completely different to all the other bad remaps I had come across, which simply changed all of the wrong parameters because they did not understand the system properly. On the first test drive I was pleasantly surprised at the power and how well the car drove. I continued to work on this for most of the year until I had developed what I saw as the perfect remap for the 2.0 HDI engine. After sharing my results on some internet forums I quickly got flooded with messages asking if I could make a custom remap for other people. Due to the quality of my software compared to what other companies could offer and the affordable price I became very busy, around 2012 I registered my first Limited company and began to trade as HDI Tuning Ltd. Over the years I've followed the same approach to each new engine and ECU that I decode, and only release the software to my customers once I am 100% satisfied that the software is perfect.

HDI Tuning Ltd has grown a little in size and we have up to 3 employees at times, but our core values remain the same. We're not in this for the money, we're in it for our love of tuning, passion for engineering, and the most satisfying part of the job is to see how happy our customers are after they get to drive their newly remapped vehicles. We like to stay up to date with the latest ECUs and are continually developing new remaps and new products.

After spending 10 years in the Tuning industry it's interesting to see how times change, what seemed impossibly complicated 10 years ago, is now in fact extremely simple in comparison to the latest tuning protected ECUs. Nowadays the OBD port is encrypted and the software is designed to stop you from tuning it, luckily we've been in this long enough to be able to understand these new systems and to stay up to date with each new challenge we are given.

About the owner Steve

I'm sure you're interested to know a little about who you're talking to on the phone and by email, so I decided to share a little about myself. You've read enough about me in the paragraphs above, so now lets talk about what I do when I'm not working hard to make your remaps.

I've always loved the thrill of 'enthusiastic' driving and hard acceleration, which is what has driven me to make better remaps, make more modifications and fit bigger turbos. I've now realised that I just can't satisfy that urge using a Diesel engine no matter how much tuning work I do, so my speed and adrenaline needs now come a Kawasaki Z750 Motorbike which is great fun.

I try to travel as much as I can and am happy to leave the rainy weather of England, the benefits of running a business that can work online means that I can go away and still work when required, and enjoy the holiday at the same time. Of course I work extra hard when I'm not away to enable me to stay ahead with all my projects and jobs which need to be done.

Another good way to get some adrenaline is to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane. I've now done over 300 skydives and I am qualified as a C license Sky diver. Skydiving is great fun and normally we jump from around 13,500ft.

In recent years I've found what I really love, and that is BASE jumping. Base is an acronym for Building Antenna Span Earth, and involves jumping from a fixed object using a specially deigned BASE parachute. Many people consider BASE jumpers as lunatics, when in reality we are all a group of quite smart, and level headed people. Each jump we do involves careful planning to try to eliminate all the risks and maximise the fun we're having. Instead of 13k feet when you're skydiving, BASE goes as low as 120 feet on occasion, but can go right up to 3000ft if you find the right mountain to jump off. BASE is not just about the jumping, it's about the adventure and the people you meet getting to each jump and that's what I enjoy the most about it.

If you're interested to see some recent videos, follow the links below.

BASE jump from the Eiger muchroom Switzerland, Steve's the one in the bright yellow suit: https://youtu.be/tl5QfOic7SQ

Jumping from Monte Brento in Italy, Steve is in the Bright yellow suit again, Vinny, who also works with us is in the Blue suit. I met Vinny through base jumping, and he was keen to jump on board and learn about ECU tuning: https://youtu.be/ZPsLH_Z3zm

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